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2305 Laconia Street
San Diego, CA 92114
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Dear San Diego City Council Members,

We, the Broadway Heights Youth Council (BHYC), would like to ask for your support as we work to rename Weston Street to Martin Luther King Jr. Way in our Broadway Heights Community. The youth council was established for the purpose of continuing the pipeline of community service and leadership. The current council is about thirty members strong ranging from ages 6 to 17 years. The theme for our youth council this year has been “Leadership.” The BHYC holds monthly meetings every third Saturday at 1:00 p.m. We have been given an opportunity to support our community through service projects. We have to come up with ideas, write a proposal
to the adult council outlining the project, purpose, and timeline. Once the proposal is approved, we can begin the project. Upon completion, we write about our experience and whether the project was a successful. These projects are not easy, and coming up with ideas to better the community as a youth with limited time and resources can sometimes be hard but very rewarding. We have had the streets cleaned; the Broadway Heights welcome sign decorated every month, and even had a member teach calligraphy to other youth.

During one of our meetings the idea of changing the name of one our streets to a person that embodies leadership came up and the first leader mentioned was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Without Dr. King’s leadership in the Civil Rights and Nonviolence Movements, communities like Broadway Heights and many others in our district may not exist today. Members of our community and others in District 4 represent all walks of life. On Saturday, March 27, 2010, the Youth
Leadership Team held a special meeting to convene with City Councilman Anthony Young to propose renaming Weston Street to Martin Luther King Jr. Way. Councilman Young shared with the team the process of making this renaming project happen. We were very pleased that
Councilman Young made time to hear our ideas and offered his support. He shared with us that changing the name of a street takes more than just a signed petition; it takes city resources and, ultimately, approval from the San Diego City Council. 

Besides a small portion of the 94-Freeway, there are no other streets in the city of San Diego honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. District 4 is one of the most diverse districts in our beloved city, which we feel is directly connected to the leadership of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. It would be a privilege for Broadway Heights, a community in our nation’s finest city, to rename one of its streets in honor of one our nation’s finest citizens to Martin Luther King Jr. Way. We humbly ask your support in making this dream of ours a reality for our beloved city and community.


Justin Young
Broadway Heights Youth Council
                                                                    Thomas Bennett
Broadway Heights Youth Council
Vice President

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